Protagonists of this story

The 90 years of Itaú Unibanco counted on the leading role of many characters, but, when mentioning those prominent names, it is important to remember that countless employees also have the merit to participate and contribute to this successful path.

Since the pioneers João Moreira Salles and Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, Itaú Unibanco has participated in the formation of the Brazilian financial system, either with the creation of Casa Moreira Salles, whose banking department led to Banco Moreira Salles and later Unibanco, or with the founding of the Central Bank of Credit, which through mergers and acquisitions has become Itaú.

Both institutions have contributed to the evolution of the Brazilian banking sector by imposing technical accuracy as a standard for the administrative revolution that they implanted. This step was accomplished by Walther Moreira Salles at Unibanco and by Olavo Setubal and Eudoro Villella together at Itaú.

Pedro Moreira Salles and Roberto Setubal, the third generation of professionals ahead of the banks, embody the entrepreneurial spirit that marked their previous generations when accomplishing the financial transaction that created the largest bank in Latin America. Ricardo Marino, another representative of this third generation, is ahead of the great challenge that is the internationalization of the bank.

Milú Villela, with remarkable performance in the social and cultural area, adds values ​of social responsibility to the bank's trajectory and promotes culture in the country.

Recently, Fernão Bracher and Candido Bracher have inaugurated a new phase in the wholesale segment, which is essential for Itaú Unibanco's consolidation as an important partner for Brazil's development.

These are all characters who have masterfully built what today is Itaú Unibanco.

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